Digital Signage for Retail
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As a retailer, you are always seeking ways in which you can engage with your existing and potential customers with the objective of them being loyal and regularly buyers.

Omnichannel retail is used to describe a customer engagement strategy where; online, on-premise and on-mobile retail experiences are connected. However, for many retailers, there is a disconnect between the experience that shoppers experience off-premise, to the one they receive when walking into a store.

Digital signage in retail delivers the shopper experience that connects the online and on-mobile marketing to the physical in-store experience. Retailers are are using digital screens in conjunction with mobile apps and beacons to deliver a holistic customer experience across all the various media touchpoints that a consumer engages with.

Let’s take a look at the ways in which digital signage in retail can be implemented to deliver a true omni-channel experience.

Wow, great offer, I need to take a look

Your shop window is the first opportunity that you have to engage a potential shopper and entice them into you store, in-window digital signage provides the perfect platform for you to engage their interest in the latest offers, a new clothing collection or allow them to take control of the display and view your products when your store is closed.

sysview digital signage software
sysview digital signage software

Ok, I’m in your store but where can I find the product I want?

Many retail store layouts are complex and difficult to understand. Digital signage wayfinding and store directory applications provide customers with a simple and interactive way to show them where the product is they are interested in and how to get there from their current location.

I’m going to purchase a product, but which one?

Placing small digital signage displays amongst your products will assist customers to choose which product they might wish to purchase. With 72% of purchases made at the point of decision, that last moment within reach of a product, digital signage placed within products offers a great way to influence which items your customers buy.

sysview digital signage software
sysview digital signage software

What would this dress look like on me on the beach or how would this sofa look in my lounge?

Context is critical when shopping. Customers try to visualise how an item of clothing looks when they wear it on holiday or how the sofa will look when in their lounge amongst their belongings. Utilise digital signage and specifically large video walls to bring products to life and to show customers real-world uses of the products they are considering purchasing.

I like both these products, but which one is best for me?

Lift and Learn’ digital signage enables shoppers to pick up the products they are interested in and receive detailed product information on screen. Lift two products at the same time and they can view a comparison between both products to help them decide which one is best for their needs.

sysview digital signage software
sysview digital signage software

Thanks for the product video, but I would like to see more information

Digital signage is a great way to schedule and display the latest product information to your customers, but what if they want more? Using the latest in Beacon and NFC mobile technology, customers can take control of digital signage displays and use their mobile devices to control a large screen and view additional information regarding the products they are interested in.

I’m about to pay, is there anything I have forgotten or need to think about when I get home?

Use small screen digital signage at till points as a last chance to engage with customers and entice them to pick up that last item, come back soon for further offers, or visit online to view additional products and services.

sysview digital signage software