sysview digital signage software

sysview is a simple to use, powerful web-based solution for creating digital menu boards and publishing them to a single display or to many thousands anywhere in the world.

Video backgrounds bring digital menu boards to life

The steam from a cup of coffee, cheese melting in a toasted sandwich; sysview enables videos to be displayed in the background of your menu boards to subtly capture the attention of your customers as they make their choice.

Up to 4 videos displayed simultaneously

Up to 4 videos displayed simultaneously allows your customers get nutritional information.




Chicken Deluxe

Veggie Burger






Build rows and columns of product, pricing and nutritional information and update them using the sysview Message Manager from any PC or mobile device.

Using the sysview Message Manager you can easily setup your products, description, pricing and nutritional information ready for publishing to your digital menu boards. Once setup, use you mobile phone, tablet or PC to manually change a product or price and watch as your menu board updates automatically; either on a single digital menu board or thousands across all your restaurants.

Schedule digital menus to change at the same time you do

Many customers operate different food offerings at different times of day and different days of the week. sysview enables you to easily setup menus for all your requirements and schedule them to change where and when you wish. As you move from breakfast to lunch, your digital menu boards will automatically change; no more rotating light boxes or swapping menu boards to remember.

Automate product and pricing updates from your IT or EPOS systems

Many customers have invested in IT and EPOS systems that contain all of the product information required to be displayed on a digital menu board. sysview have the technical knowhow to connect your data to our software, enabling fully automated digital menu boards. Make a change to a product or price in your IT or EPOS system and your digital menu boards will react and show the changes automatically.

With thousands of locations globally using sysview, we are able to help you choose the best screens and players to display your digital menu boards.

Our agnostic approach to hardware devices and manufacturers ensures our customers have an unrivalled choice of technology for displaying your digital menu boards. These include:

Android TV and Android tablet , including Sony Android TV, Samsung smart signage display ,Le smart TV

The Android TV and Android tablet require just an Internet connection and power to connect to sysview to display your digital menu boards.

Importantly, in addition to being extremely cost effective to purchase and operate Displays will continue to work even if your Internet connect is down, and will update with the latest changes the as soon as the Internet comes back online. You can also setup when you want the Smart Signage Displays to turn on and off within sysview, with the option to set different times for different days of the week.


Android player ,including Google Chromecast, Google Chromebit, Mi box ,etc

These robust digital media devices delivers a cost-effective, scalable and powerful solution for delivering digital signage and digital menu board applications.

Case study : Seastar Pharmacy chain, Shenzhen

Sysview powers menu boards in Seastar pharmacy chain ,with 120 display terminals across Shenzhen . 42” Android smart TV are connected directly to Sysview without need for PC, dramatically reducing infrastructure and deployment costs. With an easy to use system at a fraction of the cost of similar feature products, the Seastar pharmacy chain was able to purchase, install ,design and deploy menu boards in just a few days.


Where do I start? I need a complete solution, not just the component parts?

Whilst we only sell our web-based software ‘sysview’ for creating, publishing and managing digital menu boards, we have hundreds of partners across the world who we can recommend to provide a complete digital menu board solution for our customers. Our partners can supply; hardware, installation, maintenance, content creation and even scheduling and price changes, if required.